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North and South

from 1.009,00 Euro per person

La Gomera Trekking - Combined Tour North and South of La Gomera - Walk around the island in 11 or 15 days

Combine our individual trekking tours! You will be on tour by foot for two weeks and you'll discover the whole island of La Gomera. Discover the unique contrasts of this island of only about 400 qkm: green laurel forest, banana und vegetable fields in the north; palm groves, deserted terrace fields, goat herds, and black beaches in the south. You will spend the first two nights in the placid capital of the island, San Sebastián. Here you will take a starter tour with a hiking guide who will explain the specialities of La Gomera to you. During the following days, you will hike without a guide. We will provide you with in-depth directions, a hiking map and detailed information on the specialities you will encounter on your way. Your trekking tour leads through the northern valleys Hermigua and Vallehermoso, to the small mountain village Las Hayas, to Valle Gran Rey, the former village of dropouts, to the mountain valleys Chipude and Imada, then to the small fishers' village Playa Santiago and finally back to San Sebastián.

You can undertake this tour in 11 days without days off or more relaxed in 15 days with 4 days off.


  • 1st day

    We meet you at the ferry in San Sebastian and take you to your accommodation. You will receive in-depth information on the town of San Sebastian and on the dinner and breakfast options. If you arrive early you can spent some time discovering the historic center of San Sebastián or take a bath at one of the two sand beaches of the capital.
  • 2nd day

    Guided hike

    After breakfast, our starter tour into the mountains of La Gomera begins. At first, you will ride to your starting point with your guide, at about 400 metres above sea. From here, you will ascend and descend through terrace landscapes and formerly cultivated fields, passing herds of goats and flocks of sheep until you return to San Sebastián. Here you take a small tour of the city, enjoy a freshly pressed fruit juice and talk about your trekking tour. You will receive a hiking map, directions and in-depth information on each day tour. Furthermore you will receive a voucher booklet which contains a voucher for each pre-booked accommodation. You will hand in the respective voucher when arriving at the place.

    Distance: 11 km / Duration: appr. 4 hours / Ascent: about 350 metres of altitude / Descent: about 800 metres of altitude

  • 3rd day

    trekking tour 1st leg

    Today is the first day of your trekking tour. You will pack your backpack for two days and you will be taken to the starting point of the tour. At first, you ascend into the laurel forest, passing impressing volcanic necks on your way. This part of the island is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage. Walking through this mossy ancient forest, you will reach the small hamlet El Cedro, where you can stop at a bar and taste the watercress soup typical of La Gomera. After this refreshment, you keep hiking downwards, passing the largest waterfall of the island, until you reach Hermigua, a fertile valley in the north of the island.

    Distance: 17 km / Duration: appr. 6 hours / Ascent: about 750 metres of altitude / Descent: about 900 metres of altitude

  • 4th day

    trekking tour 2nd leg

    A hike through the green north of the island with wonderful views awaits you. The highlights of today's program are the village Agulo, the climbing of the red wall, and the visitors' centre of the national park. At first, you walk down to the sea, then you ascend to the inner part of the island. Later you reach Vallehermoso, the former fruit and green store of the island, after an impressing descent with unforgettable views.

    Distance: 17,5 km / Duration: appr. 6,5 hours / Ascent: about 850 metres of altitude / Descent: about 950 metres of altitude

  • 5th day

    relax and unwind (only 15 days variant)

    Enjoy your free day in Vallehermoso. Several coffee bars at the "plaza" invite you for a shorter or longer stay there. In the summer you can relax in the public swimming pool (seawater) or make a small hike in the surrounding moutains.

  • 6th day

    trekking tour 3rd leg

    Having packed your backpack for two further trekking days, you hike up to the central plateau, to the mountain villages of La Gomera. After a smooth ascent to a mountain ridge with wonderful views on both sides, you will reach the holy springs of Epina. The tasty water of these springs is said to have special powers, the effects of which you can try. After this refreshment, you will hike on through an especially beautiful part of the laurel forest until you reach your picnic place. Then you hike on to Las Hayas, your stopover for today.

    Distance: 18 km / Duration: appr. 6 hours / Ascent: about 1000 metres of altitude / Descent: about 150 metres of altitude

  • 7th day

    trekking tour 4th leg

    On this trekking day, you descend to the valley of the great king. At first, you will hike through wine, corn and potatoe fields, passing single goats and sheep on your way to the mountain village Arure. From here, you hike on via the plateau La Mérica, which offers impressing views, down to the sea to Valle Gran Rey, where you can take a refreshing bath in the blue Atlantic Ocean.

    Distance: 16 km / Duration: appr. 4.5 hours / Ascent: about 300 metres of altitude / Descent: about 1200 metres of altitude

  • 8th and 9th day

    Relax and unwind (only 15 days variant)

    Two days for relaxing and unwinding. Let yourself be enchanted by the "hippie flair", stroll along the promenade or the beach, enjoy a bath in the sea and let your spirits flow when you watch the sunset.

  • 10th day

    trekking tour5th leg

    Let's start the second half of your trekking tour. At first you hike in a slightly ascending stream bed until you reach the chapel of the three Magi, the patron saints of the place. From now on, you’ll hike upwards more steeply. Breathtaking views of the valley below accompany you up to the ridge. You hike on through formerly cultivated terrace fields, passing a small chapel which makes a good place for lunch. From here, you can see the neighboring island El Hierro if the weather allows it. In winter, the almond trees blossom and you can hear the bells of the loose goats chiming. After another ascent you reach the mountain valley Chipude where you find today’s accommodation. If you still are in the mood and have the power, you can climb the legendary mesa “La Fortaleza” after having refreshed yourself at the local bar.

    Distance: about 12 km / Duration: appr. 5 hours / Ascent: appr. 1100 metres of altitude / Descent: about 50 metres of altitude

  • 11th day

    trekking tour 6th leg

    After breakfast, you hike on, at first to the neighbouring village El Cercado. The place has been the pottery center of the island for hundreds of years. Here you can visit the information center and the workshops of the potterers. On you go through the Canary laurel forest, a unique forest which exists only in few places in the world, until you reach the highest mountain of the island. With a clear view, you can see the neighbouring islands El Hierro, La Palma, Teneriffa and, at a distance of more than 100km, even Gran Canaria. This area was affected by the fire in 2012, but nowadays this zone is an abundantly covered with vegetation. During the decent you can witness how nature recovers and regenerates. Below the forest you walk through former agrarian landscape till Imada, where you stay for the night.

    Distance: about 13 km / Duration: appr. 5 hours / Ascent: about 700 metres of altitude / Descent: about 800 metres of altitude

  • 12th day

    trekking tour 7th leg

    Today, your way leads through deep and precipitous valleys which promise unique views to the southernmost place of the island. At first you descend through the impressing Barranco de Gurimiar where you can marvel at interesting geological formations (Diques, Roques, basalt columns). Afterwards, you ascend to the village Targa, which is situated quite picturesquely. On you go to the next village Antoncojo, then passing former grain and tomato fields you walk down to the small fishers’ village Playa de Santiago and to the accommodation for today. You can end the day bathing in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Distance: about 14 km / Duration: appr. 5 hours / Ascent: about 500 metres of altitude / Descent: about 1300 metres of altitude

  • 13th day

    trekking tour 8th leg

    The last day of your trekking tour starts in the small village Las Toscas. A taxi takes you to the starting point of the hike. From here, you walk down to the palmy valley Benchijigua via a sandtrack with especially beautiful views. In earlier days, the counts of the island had their summer residence in this valley. Passing old and deserted houses, you ascend to Roque Agando, the core of a volcanic vent, aged about 2 million years, which is enthroned majestically above the valley. Having reached the foot of the Roque, which is said to have been sacred for the original inhabitants, you walk up farther to the chapel Las Nieves. Here, a small picnic place invites for a lunch break. Finally you start the descent via former corn fields to the small capital of the island, San Sebastián de La Gomera.

    Distance: about 16 km / Duration: appr. 6 hours / Ascent: about 700 metres of altitude / Descent: about 1300 metres of altitude

  • 14th day

    Relax and unwind (only 15 days variant)

    Enjoy a hike-free day in the small and placid capital of the island. Why don't you visit the historical monuments and musees and relax in the square with a freshly pressed juice? The two beaches of the place invite for a refreshing bath in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • 15th day


    You return home after two eventful hiking weeks.


11 days variant

  • 10 overnight stays (in double bedrooms)
  • 9x breakfast (days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11)
  • 1 guided hike
  • 8 self-guided hikes
  • Hiking map, directions and in-depth information on each day tour of the trekking tour as well as explanations about flora, fauna, history and characteristics of the island
  • 4x transport of the main luggage (days 4, 6, 8, 10)
  • local english-speaking tour guide
  • A surcharge for single rooms applies (if available)
  • Minimum number of participants: 2
  • Price per person: 1.009,00 Euro
    Surcharge for single room: 340,00 Euro (minimum 2 travellers)
    Surcharge for single room (1 traveller): Euro 790,00


15 days variant

  • 14 overnight stays (in double bedrooms)
  • 11x breakfast (days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15))
  • 1 guided hike
  • 8 self-guided hikes
  • Hiking map, directions and in-depth information on each day tour of the trekking tour as well as explanations about flora, fauna, history and characteristics of the island
  • 4x transport of the main luggage (days 4, 7, 11, 13)
  • local english-speaking tour guide
  • A surcharge for single rooms applies (if available)
  • Minimum number of participants: 2
  • Price per person: 1.229,00 Euro
    Surcharge for single room: 430,00 Euro (minimum 2 travellers)
    Surcharge for single room (1 traveller): Euro 920,00


  • Sure footedness
  • Good conditon
  • A good head for heights

Additional Services

  • TRANSFER Teneriffa - La Gomera:

    We await you at the airport Tenerife Sur and we will take you to the harbour of Los Cristianos. There you will receive your ferry ticket for the trip to La Gomera. In San Sebastián, you will also be welcomed directly at the harbour. We also organize your transfer back to the airport.
    Price: 120,00 Euro per person

    You would like to have your main luggage every night in your accommodation? No problem, we can organize a daily luggage transfer also.
    Price: 70,00 Euro per person (minimum 2 travellers)

    You are welcome to spend more time in Valle Gran Rey in order to relax. You continue your stay at the apartment complex and you plan your vacation days yourself.
    Price: 60.00 - 110.00 Euro per person and night (depending on season and category)


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