Tour conditions

Our general tour conditions (terms and conditions)


Conclusion of a contract

No contractual agreement arises from sending in the non-binding request form on the website, a telephone conversation, or e-mail correspondence.

We will send you a specific offer by e-mail or fax. If you wish to accept this offer, we ask you to return the signed offer by fax. This creates a tour contract that is legally binding on both parties.

Tour services

The booked tour includes the services described on the website at the time when the contract is concluded.

Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid unforeseeable changes to the services for the planned itinerary for the tours we offer, such as may arise due to factors such as weather conditions, official directives, etc. If we are aware of such changes to the services before the start of the tour, we will advise the participant of them without delay.

Unclaimed services

If the tour guest does not make use of individual services (such as overnight stays, excursions, board, etc.) for reasons falling outside the responsibility of ¡Anda Ya!, the tour guest cannot claim proportionate reimbursement.

Terms of payment

A down payment of 20% of the price of the tour is due on conclusion of the contract. The full price of the tour must be paid no later than 14 days before the start of the tour. The decisive factor for this is booking of the money to the account of Andaya. For short-term bookings (less than 21 days before the start of the tour), the full price is due on conclusion of the contract.

Tour cancellation by the client

Cancellation of the tour must be made in writing.
If the tour is cancelled up to 30 days before the start of the tour, a processing fee of 5% of the tour price will be retained.
If the tour is cancelled up to 14 days before the start of the tour, the down payment of 20% of the tour price will be retained as compensation for cancellation.
If the tour is cancelled between 13 days before the start of the tour and the day before the start of the tour, a compensation of 50% of the tour price will be retained.
If the tour is cancelled on the day of arrival or if the journey is not started, 100% of the tour price must be paid to Andaya.

Tour cancellation by ¡Anda Ya!

If the minimum number of participants required for a tour is not reached, ¡Anda Ya! is entitled to cancel the contract before the start of the tour. The participant must be notified of a cancellation of the tour at least 14 days before the start of the tour.
If the tour is not started due to cancellation by ¡Anda Ya!, the tour participant will be reimbursed promptly for payments made. The participant will not be reimbursed for additional expenses, such as vaccinations or train tickets.

If the tour is cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants, ¡Anda Ya! will offer an alternative if possible. This also includes the option of offering the original tour itinerary at a different price.

If a tour participant persistently hinders the tour itinerary or behaves in a manner contrary to the contract or the provisions of law, ¡Anda Ya! is entitled to cancel the contract immediately after prior warning. Reimbursement for unused portions of the tour services is excluded in this case.

Tour cancellation due to an act of God

If the tour or parts of the tour cannot be undertaken due to an act of God (such as weather conditions or a natural disaster), ¡Anda Ya! is not obliged to repay the tour price or any partial amounts.

Requirements on participants

Every person who is healthy and meets the requirements described in the relevant tour description can participate in the tours of ¡Anda Ya!. Information on the physical requirements for the tours offered by ¡Anda Ya! is provided according to best knowledge, but without any guarantee of correctness, since it is subject to subjective assessments and can be affected by external factors, in particular weather conditions.

The participant must have equipment suitable for the intended tour.

¡Anda Ya! trekking guides and hiking guides are entitled to exclude participants who do not fulfil these requirements from parts of the tour programme or the entire programme.


If the tour guest is of the opinion that a deficiency has occurred in a tour, he is obliged to notify the local ¡Anda Ya! tour guide immediately of the deficiency and request rectification. Any subsequent claim by the tour guest against ¡Anda Ya! with regard to warranty obligations requires a locally documented deficiency report in writing.

Insurance and liability

¡Anda Ya! has taken out the mandatory liability insurance for self-organised tours that is obligatory for Spanish tourist agencies (Responsiblidad Civil).

All persons who participate in trekking tours offered by ¡Anda Ya! do so at their own risk.

¡Anda Ya! is not liable for defaults in performance with regard to third-party services arranged by ¡Anda Ya!. In such cases, the respective service provider bears the sole responsibility. This also applies to accommodation services (hotel, apartment, etc.) and transfer services (bus, taxi, ferry, plane) arranged by ¡Anda Ya!.

Legal domicile

The tour guest can sue the tour organizer only at the agency's legal domicile. For suits brought against the tour guest by the tour organizer, the domicile of the guest is decisive.



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