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We are...

... in love with La Gomera!

... enthusiastic about La Gomera,,
 ... nature lovers,
  ... professional,
   ... active,
     ... interested,
      ... open for new things,
       ... flexible,
        ... convinced bon vivants,
         ... in for (almost) all kinds of fun!

Melanie Ebock

"The Canarian island of La Gomera has been my adoptive home for almost seven years. I came to the island in the summer of 2000 in order to participate in a project for analysing the streams of visitors in Garajonay, a local national park. I was quite taken with the rough beauty of La Gomera, and I stayed. Since then, I have explored the island many times on foot in my leisure time as well as for professional purposes. During the last years, I have worked in the trekking and active travel sector, I have guided various types of tours on La Gomera, and I have guided guests. I would like to invite you to a foray over the island of La Gomera, and I would like to help you learn to appreciate the exceptional beauty of the ‘Isla Mágica’. We undertake a journey to the heart of La Gomera, examine the here and now closely, digress briefly into the past, and explore the future of the island."

Josef Knoflach

"I have been living on La Gomera for almost twenty years. As a trained alpine hiking guide from Tyrol, La Gomera was 'love at first sight' for me. Since then I have been working as a hiking guide and organising group tours on La Gomera. I assist Melanie with my knowledge and my experience, in order to arrange a perfect holiday for you on La Gomera."